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We care about the World's pyrotechnic crafts

Our Vision

To be internationally recognised as a quality and innovative pyrotechnic brand. 

Our Mission

To be a one stop development and production solution for our customers, providing a full supports package from the concept through certification, testing, production, installation and risk assessment.

Our Values

Quality - Innovation - Support - Partnerships - Environment


Our Partners

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Plasticos Gamon

What They're Saying

"Those strings you made were ace"

Cheers for that, I was pleased to be stood beside them. I'll see if we can order even more next year! They took a battering in the wind; they all went on one light too which I'm please about considering how they had been battered around. I had put in a couple of redundant fuses in, just in case. Fortunately, not needed.

Matt C

Those bangs were a treat! Very bright flashes and a really good crack to em! Thank you for producing these everybody loved them.

Sam L

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