Welcome to Illusion Pyrotechnics

It doesn’t matter what effect you want to create, whether it’s a blast of gold confetti, or a spectacular digital sequence of pyrotechnics around an arena roof top. Illusion Pyrotechnics will be able to make your vision a reality with their superior products and vast knowledge. Illusion Pyrotechnics is your reliable source for professional special effects for stage, arena and battle simulation effects.

Illusion Pyrotechnics’s emphasis is quality, all our products are manufactured under strict quality control procedures and vigorous testing. The art of special effects is a very specialised industry, we are focused on providing the end users of our products the safest, most efficient, best value and breathtaking visuals in the World. Coupled with Illusion Pyrotechnics’s Pyrotechnic Detonating System (The PDS range) is probably the safest pyrotechnic firing system to be developed. The Stage FX cartridge system is probably the most technically advanced system in the World.

In addition to the Stage effects range, predominately used by the theatrical market and smaller events, Illusion Pyrotechnics also produce Arena Effects. This range is often used by the film and concert industries for larger scale effects. We also manufacture our own complete range of Battlefield Simulation pyrotechnics for film work, armed forces and police training. All our products are normally in stock, however products that aren’t can be made with very little lead times and express delivery as an option. Almost any effect can be created allowing enough time for research and development, testing and certification. Please contact us if you would like advice!

Each event only happens once : make it unique!