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F4 Fireworks

Introducing our F4 Fireworks, meticulously crafted by hand in the picturesque Kentish countryside. We've scoured the globe for the most awe-inspiring effects and recreated them in our own unique way.

Our colour range is the result of tireless refinement, resulting in over 15 vivid shades that are sure to impress. We've also included old favourites like Kamuro, Gold Spangle, Silver Spangle, Nitrate Strobes and Chip Willows to ensure that there's something for everyone

Our aerial maroons are exactly that, we don't feel the need to hide these behind misleading names and pretend they're something they're not! These items present a mass explosion hazard and that's how we sell them.

Aerial Maroons

Hand crafted in Kent with custom heavy-duty cardboard cases. We have total control of the entire manufacturing from lift to our own pressed powder delays, each delay is individually weighed to ensure precise timing. Whether you're synchronizing with the beat in pyromusical performances or crafting your own rhythm within a traditional display, our Aerial Maroons deliver unmatched control and reliability.

Even our smaller 50mm Aerial Maroons pack a heavier punch than their Chinese counterparts.

We produce these effects:- 50mm, 65mm, 75mm, 100mm & 125mm

Favours:- Dark (Just a Flash and loud bang), Titanium (Flash, bang and dense sparks), Super (Extra Heavy Dark), Galaxy (Extra Heavy Titanium)

Digital Maroons

When you need to create your own beats or synchronize with the rhythm of your pyromusical, our selection of digital maroons is ideal. Intended to be fired from an elevated position suspended from a line, these products come in 4 sizes and 5 variants.

12 gram, 20 gram, 32 gram, 50 gram

  • Dark units deliver a powerful instantaneous report and a bright flash.

  • Titanium units produce an instantaneous report accompanied by lightning white sparks.

  • Coloured units emit an instantaneous coloured flash with a softer report

Supplied with 1.8m ignitors for instantaneous ignition

Ground Maroons

Ground maroons are a perfect accompaniment when using Digital maroons or Photoflashes to take your choreography to a suprising level and shock the crowd with a ground based thump. These units are fully cardboard and packed within an anti-static sleeve just in case the weather is against you.

Supplied with 300mm Igniters as standard.

Photo Flash

These are self contained water resistant units, pre fitted with a 1.8M igniter.

These items are ideal for any pyromusical, where you require to hit a beat without the noise that comes with a salute. After thorough consideration of the ethical implications surrounding the choice between paper and plastic, it has become apparent that the practical viability of manufacturing these items need a plastic base, once the plastic component is glued into the cardboard, the resulting product becomes disposable post-firing, incurring disposal costs. Consequently, we have made the decision to fully embrace the use of plastic.

To incentivize responsible practices, we offer a £0.45 credit for each returned tube in good condition, enabling us to clean and reload them for continued use.

Lances and Bengals


We've embarked on a bold endeavour by resurrecting an old English staple from fireworks displays of the past. Despite initial uncertainties about the viability of these units, as an English factory, we deemed it our duty to preserve this tradition. However, we didn't just stop at reviving them; we've made significant improvements! After numerous trials, we've managed to reduce smoke generation by 60%. This not only enhances the colours but also minimizes the risk of smoking out your display site, particularly during the damp months in the UK


Whilst we where at it we've upscaled the lances and created clean burning Bengals, these are an ideal accompaniment to a quiet part of a pyromusical.

Colours, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, White and Strobe

75mm Multi Break

Manufactured in the traditional Italian style, with a low soft break and the units continuing their accent breaking at intervals specified.

These devices break, Simultaneous, 3 Stage, Rapid succession or finale shells with coloured stars and salutes

The breaks are all sound units:-

Dark Maroon

Titanium Maroon

Red Lightning

Green Lightning

Amber Lightning

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