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T2 Arena pyrotechnics

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Welcome to our range of T2 Arena Pyrotechnics, this range of proximity pyrotechnics are ideal for stadiums, arenas and will even seamlessly cross over into pyro-musical fireworks displays.

As with all our ranges these are designed with as little or no projected plastic parts. Plastic tubes are used in some effects with their re-use in mind, allowing us to reuse these items will allow us to reduce our carbon footprint even further. These tubes also provide the greatest degree of waterproofing ideal for their use in proximity to waterjet projection systems and even the Great British weather.



Photo Flashes, produce an instantaneous bright coloured flash and can be accompanied with silver sparks if required

We produce this effect in six varieties payloads:-

Red, Green, Silver, and these colours with additional sparks

Flame projectors

Pyrotechnic Flame projectors give an added level to any scene or within choreographed displays. Our units produce columns of smokeless, ash and debris free flame effects

We produce this effect in four colours:-

Red, Orange, Green and yellow

DSC_0007 (1).jpg


Gerbs are Pyrotechnic fountains, these project various metal filings to produce their visual effect. Brilliant white sparks, a lower light output silver ideal for a broadcast environment preventing camera whiteout and a third variant golden branching sparks.

These items can be produced to achieve various heights and durations

Coloured Stars

Coloured stars, produce an instantaneous projection of silver sparks, bright coloured flash and rolling mushroom of brilliant white smoke.  All of these products are supplied in boxes of 10.

We produce this effect in two varients:-

Red Star and Green Star

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