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T2 Battlefield Simulation

Illusion Pyrotechnics has established itself as a prominent producer of battlefield simulation products over the years. Our product range has undergone a significant evolution from the original Brocks Battlesim range to encompass a diverse array of offerings, including EODs, Strike Thunder Flash, Fly Lever Smokes, Artillery Strike, and Artillery Air Bursts. Our unwavering commitment to delivering the most authentic and efficacious battlefield simulation products available has been the cornerstone of our success.

Our products have gained widespread recognition and are currently being used on all five continents across 14 different countries. This is a testament to the quality and effectiveness of our products, and we are proud to be able to provide our customers with the battlefield simulation products available.

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Non Fragmenting EOD

Designed for use in simulated bomb defusing scenarios to indicate a kill or a mistake.

It comes in a fully biodegradable case that doesn't  project or leave any sharp or heavy casings behind.

EOD are supplied with 900mm ignitors for an instantaneous flash and loud crack, with a small amount of smoke.

There are three sizes available in the EOD Family

Electric Thunder Flash

Our Electric Thunder flashes are a highly versatile tool that can be effectively employed in a wide range of scenario's. Its suitability for larger pre-planned exercises, where remote firing is required, making it an ideal choice for training exercises.

With instantaneous initiation, it is a reliable and efficient option to be controlled remotely

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Hydrocarbon Burst

These products have been engineered to replicate an explosion involving hydrocarbon fuels, producing vivid orange flames and thick billowing clouds of black smoke.

Our range of these products not only includes four different weights but also a number of ways the fire ball develops, From simulating Molotov cocktails Striking an object, to napalm explosions.

Non Distructive IED Simulator

These units are self contained within waterproof plastic tubes, making the product a non fragmenting sound producing device with the addition of dense silver sparks projecting 6 meters and white mushroom of smoke.

Available in three sizes and all fitted with 900mm electric ignitors for instantaneous firing.

Ground Bursts

Our Ground Bursts are constructed in fully biodegradable heavy cardboard cases, reducing the long term build up of debris within the training area.

Manufactured for military training and film effects, simulating terminal effects of guns, mortars and heavy artillery.

Available in Five load sizes plus 3 units that contain colourant and sparks to give a more visual effects with with usual loud bang.

Smoke Canister

We've created a line-up of signalling and cloaking smoke canisters that prove invaluable in training scenarios. These canisters empower personnel to deploy concealing smoke cover and establish markers during exercises. Our electrically fired variant enables remote activation, inducing stress and disorientation into training simulations.

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