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T1 Stage Gerbs and Jets

Pyrotechnic gerbs, short for gerbe, refer to a type of pyrotechnic device that produces a visually striking and dynamic column of sparks or flames. These devices are commonly used in the entertainment industry, particularly in concerts, stage performances. Gerbs are designed to emit a controlled and impressive display of sparks, creating a captivating effect for the audience.

Our range of gerbs are supplied as either twin-pin Pyroflash compatible cartridge or supplied with pre-installed 900mm Igniters.


Stage Gerbs

Stage Gerbs produce a column of sparks, creating very little noise and a small quantity of smoke.

This product comes in two durations, two colours and three heights

Stage Jets

Stage Jets create the same effect as the Gerb but only last for a fraction of a second.  Producing an instantaneous eruption of sparks which quickly fade, these effects are especially good for creating the wow effect during any performance.

These items are also produced in a range of heights to suit any setting

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