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Wired Coloured star - Box of 10

Wired Coloured star - Box of 10

PriceFrom £40.10
Excluding VAT

Wired Coloured star cartridges produce a bright coloured flash and a shower of sizzling white particles coupled with a rolling mushroom of white smoke and intense localised heat. These items are supplied with a 300mm igniter instead of the two pins for plug and play

Product Name (A) (B) (C) (D) (E)
Coloured Stars 1.8M 1.2M 2M 3.6M 1.5G
Coloured Stars Heavy 2.4M 2.1M 3.2M 4.2M 6.5G



A - Effect height, B - Effect width, C - Safety distance radial, D - Safety distance projected, E - NEM

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