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Smoke puff - Box of 10

Smoke puff - Box of 10

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Our standard cartridges are now designed to seamlessly integrate with the Le Maitre 'pyroflash' firing systems, eliminating the need for an additional adapter.


An evolution of the traditional Stage Flash, the Stage Smoke Puff emerges in various sizes. These devices produce a rapid, dull orange flash, complemented by a distinctive 'puff' effect and a rolling mushroom of white smoke.Indeed, the Stage Smoke Puff is ideal for creating a more subtle effect, especially in low ambient light or for TV cameras. Its ability to produce a gentle, controlled display makes it well-suited for environments where a nuanced and visually appealing impact is desired.


Minimal fallout may occur as all pyrotechnics can generate remnants of hot and/or cold fallout. It is crucial to conduct risk assessments before deploying our products, and this process should include a test firing of the product.

Product Name (A) (B) (C) (D) (E)
Smoke Puff 1.8M 1.2M 2M 3.6M 14G
Micro Puff (wired) 1M 0.5M 1.5M 3.0M 4G

A - Effect height, B - Effect width, C - Safety distance radial, D - Safety distance projected, E - NEM

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