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Gerbs - Box of 5 Pyroflash compatible45

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Pyrotechnic gerbs, short for gerbe, refer to a type of pyrotechnic device that produces a visually striking and dynamic column of sparks or flames. These devices are commonly used in the entertainment industry, particularly in concerts, stage performances. Gerbs are designed to emit a controlled and impressive display of sparks, creating a captivating effect for the audience. Our  effect produces a dense plume of bright white, or branching golden sparks and these items are available in a variety of heights and durations.


Both colours may produce hot particle debris so, test firing prior to use is essential. 


Two pin Gerb cartridges seamlessly integrate with Le Maitre pyroflash firing systems, removing the necessity for an additional adapter.


This product range is exceptionally well-suited for productions demanding a consistent single effect across multiple shows, or for reloading between scenes.

Product Name (A) (B) (C) (D) (E)

3 second White

3M 1.2M 1.8M 3.5M 11.2G
3 second Golden 3M 1.2M 2M 3.5M 13.5G
7 second White 3M 1.2M 1.8M 3.5M 16.7G

A - Effect height, B - Effect width, C - Safety distance radial, D - Safety distance projected, E - NEM

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