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Small Flame projectors - Box of 4

Small Flame projectors - Box of 4

PriceFrom £32.20
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Our standard cartridges are fully compatible with the Le Maitre 'pyroflash' firing systems, eliminating the need for our adapter.


Flame projectors produce a small crack on ignition, followed by a narrow column of fire and roar. These items are available in a number of colours and three heights.


These items produce intense heat vertically and horizontally

Product Name (A) (B) (C) (D) (E)

Flame projector small

Box of 4

1.5M 0.8M 1.25M 2.5M 11.2G

Flame projector medium

Box of 2

1.8M 0.8M 1.25M 2.8M 13.5G

Flame projector Large

Box of 1

2.1M 0.8M 1.5M 3M 16.7G

A - Effect height, B - Effect width, C - Safety distance radial, D - Safety distance projected, E - NEM

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