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Confetti Aerial Bursts (Pot of 2)

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Custom: Specify custom requirements

Made for suspension from an elevated position, such as a lighting truss, this pyrotechnic device offers versatility in its application.


Available in 12 standard colors or customizable combinations, these items can be personalized further, including the option for bespoke confetti shapes or company branding. The devices are offered in two payload sizes, allowing for adjustments based on the desired confetti density.


Whether for indoor or outdoor use, this pyrotechnic solution provides a tailored and visually striking addition to events, promising a unique and captivating spectacle suspended high above the audience


This Product produces a moderate bang to radial project the contents of the device.  All our standard confetti range comes as biodegradable ready for indoor and outdoor use, sized at 2cm x 5cm for greater hang time and flutters and twists as it falls.

More details to follow

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