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T1 Stage Gerbs and Jets

Welcome to our range of T1 Stage Gerbs and Jets, these products are produced in our self contained plug and play system, they work with both our smart pod firing system and with the addition of our FX to LMFX adapter is compatible with Le Maitre flash pods. This range of products is ideally suited to productions where a single effect is required over multiple shows or even reloading between scenes.


Stage Gerbs

Stage Gerbs produce a column of sparks, creating very little noise and a small quantity of smoke.

This product comes in two durations, two colours and three heights

Stage Jets

Stage Jets create the same effect as the Gerb but only last for a fraction of a second.  Producing an instantaneous eruption of sparks which quickly fade, these effects are especially good for creating the wow effect during any performance.

These items are also produced in a range of heights to suit any setting

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