Battle Sim FX

Our range of battlefield simulation products add a heightened sense of realism to training exercises for many of the world’s armed forces, police forces and other counter terrorism training organisations.

In order to reduce the time required for clearing training grounds and also minimise the risk of collateral damage and injury to personnel from shrapnel, we primarily uses thick wall biodegradable cardboard to encase the explosive charge, painted in a military green.

The range has been engineered in order to allow it to be classified as 1.4G and lower. As a result, it is possible to transport orders using civilian aircraft and many normal road transport networks.

Despite their low classification level, the effects we produce span the extremes, going from minuet to large. At one end of the range are small arms fire units, sniper fire and machine gun fire effects. While at the other end, examples of larger effects include heavy artillery shells, disguised as the Groundburst No.3, or Black Smoke Burst No. 2s, designed to persuade you that they are in fact medium battle tank shells hitting a pile of oil drums (as photographed). In the mid-range are effects to simulate mortar shells and other light battlefield explosions.

Other effects that are not so easily categorised include screening smokes available in red, white or blue. Petrol bomb simulators used in training personnel in countering civil unrest. Mortar fired anti aircraft fire effects for use in daylight as well as night time. Wired aerial bursts that can be fixed at high level in trees or on buildings as a diversionary effect, or even robotics that simulate electrical faults, that create the effect of a fuse box exploding.

Most of the effects are fired using electric igniters to initiate the explosion, allowing the range manager the ability to monitor and control events. However, as well as our standard electric thunder flashes we are working to produce ever popular strike thunder flashes.
Illusion Pyrotechnics are now running a number of pyrotechnic BATSIM courses for individuals or companies requiring an introduction, familiarisation, training or planning for the application of pyrotechnic BATSIMS for displays. Click here for more information.